If you use eBay, you need as your eBay search tool.

What if you absolutely must have a left-handed smoke shifter, but they are no longer manufactured? Amazon doesn't have them, doesn't have them, Newegg doesn't have them, you can't find one anywhere.

eBay is a great place to find stuff like this for sale, so off to eBay you go to look for your left-handed smoke shifter. Unfortunately eBay doesn't have smoke shifters of any type listed. Chances are you can find a left-handed smoke shifter on eBay IF you are willing to check back every few days to look for one. But if you forget to check in, you will miss it. Those smoke shifters only come up for auction on eBay every month or so. Somebody else will bid on and win that left-handed smoke shifter you were waiting for.

So what can you do?

You can get a free account!

Each day (or as often as you tell it to) the search system scans eBay auctions using a list of keywords that you provide, looking for matches. When it completes the search it emails the results to you. Clickable links within results allow you to quickly access the complete eBay listing. Or you can check your search results online using your web login. You'll never miss an item that goes up for sale on eBay again. Relax and let do all of your eBay searching.'s convenient emailed search results make it incredibly easy to review everything on eBay that matches your search list.

The best way to search eBay is with an automatic eBay search tool like is easy to use. There is no software to install. Your eBay login and password are not required.

What Doesn't Do: will not magically find things on eBay that you cannot find youself by running a standard eBay search. If you don't know how to perform a search (click here to find out!) using eBay's built-in tools, then is not going to help you.

What Does Do: will email you reports showing all newly listed eBay items that match your search criteria. This saves you the trouble of having to run the search yourself. With all you have to do is remember to check your email.'s origins date back to 2001, when it was just a little Perl script. There's been a lot of interest in it over the years, with some customers using it every day to assist with their eBay purchases. is the best way to make sure you don't miss out on that left-handed smoke shifter (or anything else) that you've always wanted. - The Best Way to Search eBay.

Left-Handed Smoke Shifter circa 1908

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